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International Women's Day - Curitiba


Our "International Women's Day" was inspiring. With a valuable talk by Susan Pastega of EBAX, the event was filled with beautiful and strong women by nature! Confident, responsible, present and always prepared for a perfect world of imperfections!


When: 03/10

Inova Comex – Maringá


We took INOVA COMEX to Maringá to talk about innovation and people. It was a sold out event with enriching lectures that help expand our repertoire and improve our interpersonal relationships.


When: 06/04

inova EN
Comex Day - Curitiba


On the Foreign Trade Day we held the Comex Day FIL Group, our 14th workshop. There were more than 200 people sharing knowledge, talking about Comex 4.0, thinking about the future and celebrating this important date.


When: 01/28

TGT Group's 2nd Annual Meeting


TGT's Friends got together again to catch up on everything that happened since they last saw each other.

New commercial contacts, meeting friends, guided visits and lots of new business opportunities are just some of the things that happened on this great week.


When: 03/19 - 03/24

tgt 2019-03.png
Âncora 2
Inova Comex



FIL Group's NOVA COMEX  is here to place us ahead of our times, allowing the guests to project their next steps within a really innovative context, through experiences with technology tools at COMEX and the highest quality content. Aligning professional and personal day to day to the reality we already have ahead of us.

When: 11/21

Âncora 1
10th Copa Amigos



When: 10/11 - 10/14

Copa Amigos de Tênis e Padel, a charity tournament had its 10th edition, with the support of the Federação Paranaense de Tênis in the organization, as well ad FIL Group and Instituto Amigos.

In this edition, we had more than 20 supporters and broke the registrations and fundraising record – our goal is to support Hospital Pequeno Príncipe, Instituto Vida, Instituto Ícaro and also the Associação Paranaense dos Hemofílicos.


10th copa
Customer Care Training

07/13 - 08/17  

The task of the day for FIL Group Logistics’ team was to map out personas and understand the dynamics of good customer service. Themes such as hospitality and service, buyer persona, checkpoints for service excellence, INCOTERMS, customer care and service handbook of good practices – all with practical evaluation to ensure efficiency.


When: 07/13 – 08/17

customer care
TGT Group's 1st Annual Meeting



When: 03/13 - 03/18

TGT Group's Annual Meeting's 'first edition took place from March 13th to the 18th, bringing together companies from all over the world to hang out and discuss daily practices, look for better solutions, promoting synergy  and generating opportunities among the participants.

tgt meeting
womens day
Coaching International Women's Day



On International Women's Day we had Coach Mariana Stachiu over to talk about the changes and transformations  that are happening in the lives of modern women – life, high performance, leadership, network, career success and a lot more.

Quando: 03/08

Onde: Auditório Edificio Universe / FIL Group Office

Past Events

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10th Café com a FIL

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9th Copa Amigos

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